Round-up Magazine has been published by the Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS) since 1955 and is one of the most widely read publications of its kind by the Valley medical community.

  • Round-up is distributed to over 2,500 physicians, allied health professionals, health agency executives, and hospital administrators.

  • A readership survey showed that 99% of our members read Round-up every month, and 87% pass along their copy to colleagues, spouses, and staff to read.

For 60 years, Round-up has delivered the message of the medical community and its advertisers directly to every participant in medicine throughout Maricopa County. When you choose to advertise in Round-up, your ad will be in front of thousands of prominent physicians. In addition, Round-up has a 2.5 turnover readership rate. All of our advertising options are reasonably priced and an effective way to stand out among the crowd.